The financial dynamics of hosting an event are complex, with plenty of upfront costs taken on by the event organiser such as artist and venue booking deposits, marketing costs, food and beverage deals - the list goes on.

To make matters worse, many ticketing solutions do not allow event organisers to gain instant access to their ticket revenue the moment a ticket is sold. With the majority of systems, ticketeers are the first party to touch revenue generated from ticket sales & depending on the ticketing deal, will withhold this revenue until a short time before an event begins.

At GUTS we believe in doing things differently, where as an event organiser, your ticket sale revenue is immediately available to you.

With our instant revenue access, all your ticket sale revenue is transferred directly to your own Payment Service Provider (PSP) account. No more waiting, no more requests for advance payments - just a seamless, instant revenue stream that guarantees you’re the first and only party to touch your revenue:

At a glance benefits of Upfront Payments:

  • Earn revenue in your bank account the moment a ticket is sold
  • Plug in your own PSP account direct into your dashboard account
  • No other party touches your primary sales revenue

Plug in your PSP & Play

Our Upfront Payments feature empowers you with full control over your ticket revenue. Before selling tickets for your event, you can easily link your own Stripe PSP account through the event dashboard and choose your desired payment currency.

The moment a ticket is sold, the revenue is transferred directly to you, which allows you to accelerate the process of recouping event setup costs & gives you the peace of mind of having full control over access to your revenue without it being held hostage by a third party.

This makes life a lot easier when recouping your setup costs and investment as there's no need to wait until the event to access your revenue.

In summary, our Upfront Payments feature puts you in control of the financial aspect of ticketing, providing event organisers with instant access to their revenues. By eliminating the need for advance requests and providing a direct revenue stream, we offer a more efficient, streamlined, and stress-free financial management process for event organisers.

See this feature in action:

Love the sound of this feature? Reach out to our sales team today for a demo and you’ll be well underway in controlling your rightful revenue.

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