If you ask an event organiser for one of the primary challenges they face, then it would be a fair assumption that ticket scalping would be one of the first responses given.

It’s long been a persistent problem that when tickets are scalped and end up on secondary marketplaces, event organisers lose valuable data, miss out on rightful revenue, and struggle to accurately identify their attendees. To make matters worse, it’s the fan that often bears the brunt of this brutal cycle through inflated prices from scalpers who hoard tickets with the sole intention of making a profit on the back of the hard work put in by the event organiser and legitimate parties in the event lifecycle.

Hearing this problem over and over again is why we built a best-in-class anti-scalping system that since 2017 has prevented millions of tickets from being poached by scalpers onto third party marketplaces. Here's how it works.

At a glance benefits of the Anti-Scalping Mechanism:

  • Restrict the number of tickets purchased by a single attendee
  • Guarantee that only mobile verified ticket buyers can attend your event
  • Prevent tickets being sold on third party platforms and marketplaces
  • Retain revenue, data and the connection with your fans at all times
  • Give fans an incredibly easy ticket purchase and re-sale experience in-app

An introduction to the Anti-Scalping Mechanism:

Our Anti-Scalping Mechanism (ASM) is a robust solution designed to put event organisers back in control of their ticketing, prevent ticket scalping, and ensure a fair ticketing experience for fans.

Our system works through a number of inter-linked systems that revolve primarily around mobile authentication, rotating QR codes and the transparency and composability of blockchain registration.

By linking each ticket purchase to an attendee's mobile phone number, we can limit the number of tickets purchasable by a single attendee. As an event organiser, you have the power to set these rules, controlling the volume of tickets each individual can buy. This feature effectively dismantles the scalper's strategy of buying tickets in bulk, leaving more tickets available for real fans at fair prices.

To further enhance the security of your event, our system employs a sophisticated rotating QR code technology. Each ticket's QR code is locked until a few hours before the event, and once unlocked, rotates periodically to prevent misuse or fraudulent copies.

The QR code is verified at the entrance through the White-Label scanning system and will instantly rejects any invalid, screenshot or duplicate codes. This ensures that every ticket is unique, secure, and tied directly to its rightful owner.

The benefits of implementing our Anti-Scalping Mechanisms are extensive. By eliminating ticket scalping, you can make full use of our built-in secondary market to retain control over your sales, ensuring the revenue and data rightfully remain with you.

You can customise all the data you’d like to collect from an attendee and choose the requirements for each data point. Since each ticket is in the hands of a verified attendee, you gain clarity over who is actually attending your event, leading to more accurate event data and marketing insights.

In summary, our Anti-Scalping Mechanisms are transforming the ticketing landscape, providing a fairer, safer, and more profitable system for event organisers and attendees alike. Don't let your revenue and data fall into the wrong hands. Choose our white-label ticketing solution, and take a firm stand against ticket scalping.

See this feature in action:

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