It’s no secret that filling an event and accommodating seating arrangements is a tedious and time-consuming process that is also very resource intensive. Whether it’s accommodating special requests or accessibility needs from attendees or event building and supporting your own front end seating.

In reality, the majority of seat pickers provide attendees with an illusion of choice. The majority of attendees will try to fight over a section of individual seats & select their seating arrangements inefficiently based on their own preferences which is not the most optimal choice for the event itself - particularly when you really want to fill as many seats as possible.

That’s why we’ve opted to do things more efficiently, in a way that saves you time, costs and gives your attendees enough choice to be happy with their seats.

With our White-Label, we’ve created a ultra fast & accessible dynamic seat picker that your attendees will love to use.

At a glance benefits of Dynamic Seating:

  • Automatically optimises seating to fill your event efficiently
  • Reduces workload by automatically assigning seats behind the scenes
  • Provides you the flexibility to easily accommodate accessibility requests without needing to manually change other seating arrangements
  • Provides your attendees with a user friendly section picker

An introduction to Dynamic Seating

As the name would suggest, the Dynamic Seating feature automatically assigns attendees their individual seat in the background whilst allowing the attendee the choice of which section in the venue they would like to sit.

Each section can be tailored & requested by you and your event organisers with all the benefits of a traditional seat picker, such as higher pricing for more in demand areas of the venue and a clear indicator of the level of tickets available for each section.

The dynamic seating feature also takes a fraction of the support resources to maintain, as any requests whether accessibility or groups can be re-assigned in the dashboard & the system then handles all the reconfiguring for other attendees automatically.

This process is designed to fill your capacity in an efficient way that will allow you to sell more tickets and accommodate groups and solo attendees of all shapes and sizes.

When a ticket buyer purchases a ticket within a section of the venue, the dynamic seating gets to work, taking into consideration a number of important factors:

  • The number of tickets purchased - how large is the group?
  • The ticket types purchased - are all the tickets the same type or different?
  • Which section of the venue did the attendee choose?
  • The time and order of their purchase

The ticket buying experience is streamlined and optimized to work both on desktop and mobile. Handling customer support around seating is extremely easy as any changes you make will dynamically adapt seating for others in the background, saving you the hassle.

See this feature in action:

Love the sound of this feature? Reach out to our sales team today for a demo and you’ll be well underway in capturing your rightful secondary market revenue and data.

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