In today's highly digitized era, selling tickets through multiple channels is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for event organisers. From social media platforms to affiliate websites, the opportunities to reach potential attendees are abundant.

Yet, most traditional ticketing systems fall short in providing a flexible platform that allows organizers to manage multiple shops, vary ticket prices, and track sales across different channels. With GUTS, we wanted to give you total flexibility to sell tickets across multiple shops whilst setting different price points per channel, let's dive in:

At a glance benefits of Flexible Ticket Management:

  • Setup multiple shops & ticket types with individual pricing and quantity rules
  • Track sales across shops & gates, improving your revenue and analytics
  • Reduce complexity & overhead of ticket management
  • Configure your pricing strategy across sales channels in a breeze

Introducing our flexible ticket management feature - the answer to maximising revenue through your ticket shops and tracking orders from each of your sales channels.

Our system empowers you to create multiple shops and define your rules for each one. You can set individual pricing for each ticket and define the number of tickets available in each shop. This allows you to diversify your sales strategy, reaching different demographics and markets according to your event's needs, thereby maximising your potential revenue.

How our Ticket Management system works

Selling tickets through GUTS involves three main systems ‘Privilege Pools’, ‘Shops’ & ‘Gates’.

Privilege Pools

You can think of a privilege as a right to access something.

A ticket could be made of either one or multiple privileges. For example, ‘General Admission’ is a privilege, ‘VIP access’ or a Beer token are other examples of privileges.

In GUTS you create these privileges through ‘pools’ under the pool tab. A pool of privileges keeps track of what privileges are available or sold & the dates in which the privileges are valid between.

The benefit of pools is that they allow you to track the availability of a privilege on an event level, even if you’re selling multiple tickets at different price points across multiple shops all for different prices - you’ll never accidentally oversell a privilege type with this system.


A shop is where you can create the actual tickets that attendees will purchase.

When you create a ticket in the shop, you choose the number of privileges attached to the ticket by choosing which pools to assign the ticket to.

This means that when a ticket is sold from the shop, the underlying privileges are assigned from the pool so that you know exactly how many privileges are available and how many have been sold.

You can create multiple shops each with different ticket limit rules. In each shop you can create new ticket types for sale at different price points, ideal for creating discounted or exclusive pricing points across your social, affiliate or general access channels.


To accompany pools and shops are ‘gates’. Put simply, a gate is another way for attendees to access your shops. The crucial difference between a gate and a shop is that a gate can be setup with multiple shops.

Gates are not mandatory to use and you can simply share your shop link for attendees to access and purchase tickets but if you’d like a way for attendees to choose shops for a recurring event with multiple dates, then you can easily display a list of shops across a date range through a gate:

Customer Data & Sales Analytics

In the event dashboard you can track sales through multiple lenses. For a top level overview of sales & net revenue over time, the reports tab will be good company.

For a granular look at each order & filter on customer activity, the orders tab can accomodate all your needs. View which market & type of order a customer placed along with their customer data.

All the customer data collected is yours to own and utilise. Easily export this data into a CSV or XML file for import into your own CRM or marketing platform. You’ll be guaranteed to collect more customer data & analyse sales trends across channels with more efficiency than ever before.

In conclusion, our Flexible Ticket Management feature gives you the ability to diversify your sales channels, maximise revenue, gain deeper insights, and ultimately, host more successful events.

See this feature in action:

Love the sound of this feature? Reach out to our sales team today for a demo and a further look at how GUTS puts you in full control over your ticketing.

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