In the traditional ticketing market, one of the greatest challenges event organisers face is the lack of control and visibility over secondary ticket sales. When tickets are resold through third-party platforms, organisers not only miss out on revenue, but lose access to fans and customer data. This invisible barrier between the event organisers and secondary purchasers poses a significant problem for targeted marketing and engagement strategies.

Here's how GUTS Tickets puts organisers and artists back in control.

At a glance benefits of the Dynamic Secondary Market:

  • Capture secondary market revenue
  • Capture secondary market fan data
  • Earn revenue from both a secondary buyer and seller fee
  • Eliminate external marketplaces and scalping
  • Set your own rules of resale
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with all your events

An introduction to the Dynamic Secondary

Many event organisers that we speak to are fed up and tired of offering their fans an unsafe ticketing experience which not only causes a host of problems for fans but also puts revenue into the hands of third parties.

That's why we chose to take a stand against this huge problem in the events industry and come up with a solution that puts organisers in control and makes buying, reselling and attending an event a breeze for the fan.

With the GUTS system, fans can re-sell their tickets directly in the secure mobile app at a touch of a button, no more heading to external sites and hoping that a ticket is legitimate.

When fans re-sell their tickets in app, they get added to the secondary market built-in to the existing ticket sale. You can see an example of this here.

Capture more revenue

What truly sets our Dynamic Secondary Market apart is the complete control it provides to organisers and the freedom it offers in the way they sell and allow the re-sale of tickets.

Organisers can set the upper and lower bounds of resale prices, such as only allowing a re-sale at face value or for example accepting an upper bound of 120-140%.

Anytime a ticket is resold, organisers make a percentage fee from the original seller and the secondary buyer - guaranteeing extra revenue that would have previously been lost to third parties.

The seller and buyer fees can be set directly from the GUTS event dashboard - easy peasy!

Know attendees by heart

Another pivotal advantage of this feature is its ability to capture verified fan data.

Traditionally, customer data from secondary purchasers would be lost to oblivion on external marketplaces - that’s where things change with our secondary market.

Since both the primary purchaser and the secondary market buyer create their customer profile through GUTS, organisers are able to capture complete fan data from both stages of the ticket sale. This double layer of data capture enables organisers to develop more tailored and effective marketing strategies, further amplifying your event's reach and success.

All customer data from both the primary & secondary market is accessible within the event dashboard. Here organisers can track both order data as it flows in-realtime or alternatively dive into all event customers via the customer tab.

Filter between data categories to easily single out primary or secondary purchasers and organisers can export data to then import into their own CRM or marketing channels.

In summary, our Built-in Dynamic Secondary Market feature ensures a revolution in the ticketing process. By enabling organisers to capture rightful revenue, gain comprehensive fan data, and ensure a safe, user-friendly ticket buying process, we are pushing the boundaries of what a ticketing system can do.

Dynamic Secondary Market Success Story:

How the GUTS system saved €85,000 in secondary revenue for the event organisers of the Netherland's most popular pop artist Antoon at his sold out Ziggo Dome shows.


See this feature in action:

Love the sound of this feature? Reach out to our team today for a demo and you’ll be well underway in capturing your rightful secondary market revenue and data.

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